NID Panorama

Dec 2010

Project head: Shimul Vyas, Tanishka Kachru
Collection Curator and Research: Tanishka, Vivek Sheth
NID Content Development: Shimul, Hridayshri
Exhibition and Lighting Design: Mayank Loonker
Graphic Design: Vinu Chataniya
Design Associate: Priya, Anuj

NID's Design Panaroma is showcase for VIP and General Visitor. Design intention was to create a clean, contemproray showcase of NID, its education and activities. Second intention was to create a space to showcase NID's design collection.
Space planning was done to immprove the visibility and access of the panaroma and collection for general and VIP visitor. A symmetric layout was done to spatially integrate and visually differentiate NID panorama and Design Collection display.  
Display systems were designed keeping in mind modularity and maintenance.