Kala Raksha Museum

Oct 2009

Exhibition Design: Mayank Loonker
Graphic Design: Vivek Sheth

Kala Raksha Trust is a grassroots social enterprise, dedicated to preservation of traditional arts. Kala Raksha Trust has been collecting and documenting crafts tradition by involving the artisans and maintains a collection of heirloom textiles housed as a local Museum. By showcaseing traditional arts and crafts, Kala Raksha intends to increase understanding and appreciation of art and artisan, within as well as outside the community.

A part of the collection stands as a permanent display in a musuem. Kala Raksha Museum display presents an introduction to traditional embroidery and helps understand connects between traditional embroidery and the life of artisans’ community. The display includes embroideries, costumes and jewelry, and employs technology and aesthetics appropriate to the village setting.

My task was to design, fabrication and install - wall Panels, Display of artifacts, Display cases, painting, LDC monitor, interior finishing, electrical and lighting. Considering the nature of collection (traditional textile) I focused on strengthening curatorial intention / the narrative of existing museum which was prepared and shared by client – Ms. Judy Frater.

I decided to achieve this by designing of large graphic panels that integrated text, image and artifacts. Simple display cases were designed keeping in mind security, maintenance and visibility of the museum artifacts. The graphic design inspiration was taken from traditional motifs.